What is Grow3Degrees?

Operated under OMEP’s guidance, Grow 3 Degrees (formerly called HiDEC) is led by an energetic group whose mission is to help Central Oregon businesses improve their processes by leveraging the knowledge of experts and members through training and practical application of best practices. The organization is focused on lean training and implementation – from first steps to advanced continuous improvement. To carry out its mission, this group works to make Grow3Degrees events, workshops, problem-solving tours, and other activities relevant and impactful. Members include a diverse group of companies representing more than 4,200 employees.

A core goal of Grow 3 Degrees is to make high quality continuous improvement training – from the front line to the board room – affordable and accessible within our region. Realization of incremental improvements has helped other Central Oregon employers realize as much as six-figure annual savings by reducing waste, better facility utilization and engaging employees at all levels in the improvement process. Learning and problem-solving tours (pictured at left) are an important part of the value-added by Grow 3 Degree members to each other’s operations.

“Grow 3 Degrees membership has been a foundation of support for Structus which has contributed significantly to our culture development. Grow’s low-cost, high-impact training paved the way to significant productivity and quality improvements.” – Marc Faast, Process Improvement Production Manager, Structus

Membership Dues:
Members must still pay for workshops and other events throughout the year, however, entry (ave. = $55 per person) is usually about half of that for non-members which is still well below the cost of similar training available outside Grow 3 Degrees. OMEP will invoice you upon completion of this form.

Company Size (employees)     Annual Member Dues
Small (1-15):                              $300
Medium (16-50):                        $500
Large (50+):                                $800

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